Aug 26, 2009

One of The Benefits of Eating Locally Produced Food

I got a phone call today on my cell phone from an area code 651 number that I did not recognize.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hello, Mr. Reinemann? This is so-and-so from the Minnesota Department of Health".

Long pause...


"I am calling because I am investigating a report of someone getting sick after eating at a Minneapolis restaurant recently. I have your name and phone number for the list of people with reservations from [a very well-known and popular downtown restaurant and bar that shall remain nameless] and would like to ask you some specific questions".

I had been to this restaurant two weeks ago, taking a client out to lunch. I could barely remember going, let alone what anyone ate. Or so I thought...

"Um... okay."

"Thank you. Did you or anyone in your party have the Barracuda that day?"

Long pause.

"I remember that! The waiter told us that one of the specials was Barracuda. After he left I made some wise-ass comment that although the special sounded good, we made a nice Barracuda loaf at home last night. None of us ordered that; we all ate boring things".

"Thank you. I have no further questions. And by the way, that's the only funny comment I have gotten today on this one, so thanks for that, too".

"Um. Your welcome. Good luck with that fish thing".

"Thanks! Bye"!

I will probably go back to that restaurant in the future. It's a good place and the happy hours are good. I will be sticking to the local fare, however.

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  1. I'd eat a Barracuda just for revenge. A long time ago, I was snorkeling with my buddy in Florida and while swimming around a reef, I had one open its mouth at me. Truly a frightening moment and one that makes me crave Barracuda fortnightly...