Jun 5, 2011

The Things I Carry - Part II

I posted previously about the miscellaneous and assorted gear that I carry with me on commutes and rides and such, but today, as I bombed down a steep hill with a stop sign at the bottom, I realized I neglected to include one small but important (to me) piece of equipment.

This item is not a tool - it's more of a talisman, albeit a traditional Catholic talisman.

About six years ago now, my Mother gave me a St. Christopher medal for Christmas. Her rationale at that time was that I was either flying all over the world or riding my bike around the lawless streets of Anchorage, AK. Given that reality, a St. Chris medals seemed much, much more appropriate than, say, a Salad Shooter or Chia Pet.

I love my St. Chris medal - for those that don't know, St. Christopher is the patron Saint of Travelers, and by extraction, the patron Saint of People Who Ride Bikes or Drive. I've worn this religiously (no pun intended) since I got it, and despite a few close calls, nothing Bad has happened.

Recently, the clasp opened and my wife went to work to close it up again with her jewelry making tools. She got the clasp fixed and added a little silver heart, to remind me that I am loved. Shucks... That's been hanging around my neck for the last year or so now.

For whatever reason, this little talisman makes me feel protected and cherished.

Superstition? Faith? I am not sure I know the answer to this. You can call it what you will.Whether it's a placebo or divine intervention doesn't matter to me.

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