Jun 15, 2011

At TC3-SAS We Are All About Options

1973/74 Raleigh Sports
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People of Earth:

There will be not one, but TWO Twin Cities 3-Speed Adventure Society rides this weekend. Yes, two rides. Count 'em. Two.

The Saturday ride will be the more challenging of the two; we shall meet at the Princess Depot (aka Minnehaha Falls train station) at 9:00 AM. The route will be reprise of my early Spring Flood Ride, except we'll be able to take the low roads, which were underwater for the Spring ride.

I reconned the route again last Sunday with friends, and it's in good shape. It's almost all on designated bike trails except for a small portion of the route through downtown St. Paul, but it will be Saturday so that should be no problem. If there's any interest, I can use this opportunity to lecture the group about proper lane positioning and vehicular cycling during that time.

Bring your Big Boy or Big Girl pants, though - this ride will be about 19 miles start to finish, and there are one or two hills to make you appreciate the flat roads. Bring water and do what you must to prepare yourself for this journey. Do not worry, though; all TC3-SAS are no-drop, casual and non-competitive, so this will be fun, and entirely do-able on a roadster. I guarantee it.

Sunday there will be a second ride. The reason for a rare two-fer is the Blind Lizard Motorcycle Club annual picnic. I know nothing about this but have heard tales, so it's as worthy a destination as anywhere else I would ride.

The Blind Lizard Ride will be shorter and flatter, and the pace will be easy. We will meet at high noon at the Midtown Freewheel. From there we will amble to Nicolet Island to take in the scene, see the motorcycles (or in my case, the motorcycle riders) and then meander back to the start. Bring a camera if you come because it looks one hell of a photo op.

Tune 'em up and get 'em ready, because we shall ride!

By the way, TC3-SAS is now on Facebook. If you are interested, you can "Like" us and keep current on rides and join in the discussion.

The lovely bicycle in this post is cobrabyte's 1973/1974 Raleigh Sports - that's the same age as my bike, but this one is in prime shape. Thanks for sharing that one!

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  1. I will be there with my 61 Sports. I am very much looking forward to it!