Apr 3, 2011

2011 Flood Ride

Today was my first group ride of the year. Five brave Bike Lovers met at Minnehaha Falls this afternoon and set out with no particular plan to sample the sites of the great flood of 2011 from our Brooks saddles.

We managed to pick up a few stragglers along the way, so by the time we reached what was surely the zenith of the flood ride - Lilydale Marina - we were no less than 7 strong. The photo with this post is me frolicking in the flood waters on my Rawland, sporting the new wheels I built in December.

Lilydale Road was submerged and closed for business all the way from Lilydale Marina to Harriet Island across from downtown St. Paul. With Lilydale road flooded, we had no choice but to either turn for home or gird our loins for the high route on 13.

High road it was! The young skinny guys did better than I did in that aspect of the ride, but I hauled my butt up the hills, too. Although the police moved us along at Harriet Island (closed due to flooding, we were told), no crimes were committed and no one was injured today. And, we got a break on weather - despite forecasts calling for rain and possibly thunderstorms, we stayed dry, although it was a bit windy and getting noticeably cooler by the time we turned for home.

These kind of rambles are always fun, and it was good to explore the other side of the river and ride with people I don't know as well. It makes the trip so much more memorable and it's fun to discover places through other people's experiences and share in their sense of wonder.

More photos from today's ride can be found on my Flickr site. Thanks to Too Fast For Love (aka 2F4L) for some of the shots.

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