Apr 27, 2011

TC3-SAS: Grand Rounds this Weekend

Wobbling Along
Originally uploaded by Snak Shak
This weekend's 3-Speed adventure will be a full frontal assault on the Grand Rounds. This is the make-up ride for our first Grand Rounds attempt, which was foiled by 25 mph winds and chilly drizzle, as I recall.

We meet Saturday at 11:00 AM at the Dunn Bros./Longfellow Grill at Lake St. and W. River Road. We will roll out not later than 11:10 and will be heading south from the starting point. Heading south gives us some better lunch options and short ride option of 18 miles or so for those that might the complete Grand Rounds to be a little ambitious or more time-consuming than they want.

Despite the name, bikes other than 3-speeds are welcome - just leave the crabon fibre and lycra at home, that's all we ask. No need for tweed, either. TC3-SAS celebrates the experience and eschews the appearance. This is will be ramble rather than a race - a pace suitable to the internally hubbed bikes.


  1. If you have time, pit stop at the bike expo, or at least for the evening BikeMN meeting. ;)

  2. I'll be there in spirit!

    Instead I'll be riding to camp out in the Columbia Gorge. The weather's gonna hold!

  3. Good idea, Nic. If we can swing that, we will be there.

    Adventure! Thanks for being there in spirit. Enjoy Columbia Gorge; somehow I bet your scenery will be more dramatic than mine, but I am expecting a good time. FYI, I added to you to my "friends" list since you a repeat visitor. Thanks for stopping by and keep the rubber side down.