Apr 8, 2011

In-the-Field Research on Placeless Landscapes

I am recently back from a short business trip to Houston. I have been to Houston many times for work, and unlike my traveling companion on this trip, am quite comfortable driving around there, so I volunteered to drive on the condition that she take a few photos of placeless landscapes while we were driving around.

Houston has some truly placeless vistas. It's a sprawl and pretty much even-age, and it's grown up entirely with the automobile, so big boxes in a sea of asphalt are pretty common. Framing placeless landscapes can be difficult, though. Maybe I need some sort of wide-angle lens or something to truly capture it.

Unfortunately, we both got kind of off-task with this project, so I only got a few decent photos, but I am sure I'll be back and that I'll come across more generic landscapes in my future, so I am not disappointed with my lack of documentation.

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  1. This goes well with your current reading for book club :)