Apr 2, 2011

Studio Bricolage Space Tour

Show Room Space
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I stopped at the former Whitaker Auto Dealership on University Ave. this afternoon to "kick the tires" on this space. Studio Bricolage is evaluating either purchasing or leasing the space for their program. The problem is that the space is too big but attractively priced. The hope is that they can get other groups to move in or sublease space to fill the building.

To that end, they conducted tours of the location today. The space is huge - there is a full basement (with a garage door and ramp leading down below the building no less) as well as shop, show room, body shop and office space on the main floor. The second floor includes a very large open room, a smaller locker room and roof-top access for a potential garden/cafe.

This would be really wonderful space, but I had a lot of difficulty envisioning how this could be cut up or subdivided to make sublet space. I have no doubt that the Studio Bricolage people have a vision for this, however.

More photos of the space are on the Flickr site. Studio Bricolage is also maintaining a mailing list so if you are interested in more information or following along on this, hit there website.

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