Apr 15, 2011

3-SAS Eve

Tomorrow is the first Twin Cities 3-Speed Adventure Society (TC3-SAS) ride. What's planned is a lovely ramble of the scenic Minneapolis Grand Rounds. What may very well happen is a cold, windy and possibly rainy ordeal around the trails of South Minneapolis.

Here's the scoop...

We have had fantastic interest in the first ride based on the posts on Bike Love, in fact we have somebody that's planning (tentatively) to travel from somewhere in Wisconsin for this ride. Unfortunately, the fickle weather on Minnesota is not cooperating with us on our first ride. The forecast for tomorrow calls for a few inches of snow by morning and winds in excess of 20 mph all day.

That's pretty harsh, but 3-speeding is not for the weak, and what's the point of riding a 3-speed if you're not going to be a total bad-ass about it. Therefore, come hell or high water, I will be at the Longfellow Grill at 11:00 AM and will be prepared to ride in these conditions longer than anyone else wants to. That said, I am expecting a pretty weak turnout because anybody with a dram of sense and/or any better options will probably be doing something more sane than chugging around through slush on an old bike tomorrow.

Check back tomorrow and/or hit the 3-SAS Bike Love thread, because if the weather is truly poor, we will be rescheduling this ride for next Saturday the week after next. I have an Easter obligation that I simply cannot shrug off. I am still thinking that the Chicken Little weather forecasters are predicting worse than we will get, and I'd like to get a ride in tomorrow, so if you come, I'll be there and we shall ride.

Yes - we ride!

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