Apr 24, 2011

Two-Timing on the Internets

I am very happy to report that I may be appearing now and then as a guest contributor to the Twin Cities cycling website/blog Cycle Twin Cities. I did a feature for them that may run some time next week and I'll probably continue on a few other "special assignments" going forward, if they will have me. I'll still do bikey-stuff on this site, as well as my off-topic rants and meditations. If/when I appear on CycleTC I may cross post here - I don't know, it hasn't happened yet so I'll have to burn that bridge when I cross it.

I have been following Cycle Twin Cities since its inception. The interesting thing about this site is that is seeking diversity in voice. So many blogs are somebody's soap box or a cyber-alter-ego of some sort. Cycle TC seems to be honestly getting their arms around the Twin Cities cycling scene, which is ambitious because it's so diverse. They are still looking for a female blogger to add perspective to the site, so if you match that description, you should drop them a line and let them you know if you are interested...

In other news, I was out of town this weekend so TC3-SAS rolled out without me. They rode the bridges and saw the flooding of South MPLS and St. Paul. It sounds like nobody got seriously hurt and there were no arrests, so that's all good. Next week we'll tackle the Grand Rounds, so stay tuned to the thread for the latest on that.

After my Easter weekend "off" I am exhausted. Driving, visiting, driving some more. It's enough to make a person need some time off.

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