Apr 16, 2011

South Grand Rounds

Old Clanky
Originally uploaded by Snak Shak
Well, the weather was not quite as bad a predicted, so we did the first TC3-SAS ride this morning after all. The snow that fell over night was melting by mid-morning and the temperature rose to about 35 degrees. The winds were between 20 and 25 miles per hour, but it was not raining so we rode.

We rode a shorter version of the Grand Rounds - the south half, specifically. The winds were particularly difficult heading west on the Parkway and again around Lakes Harriet and Calhoun, but they gave us a nice push down the Greenway on our way back to the starting point. At 18.5 miles or so, it was a decent early season ride.

Too bad the weather was not better or we would have a better turn out. This winterlude should be over soon, I would hope. Still, it was a good ride and we were proud of ourselves for braving the elements to exercise the old bikes.

I've got a few mechanical issues to take care of this bike, it turns out. This was more of a shake-down ride than I would have liked, but I can get after that during the coming week.


  1. Sorry I missed it. We are in St. Cloud for the Earth Day 5k and half marathon this weekend.

  2. You didn't miss much. The weather was difficult, but do-able. The best part was lunch, and really long hot shower afterwards. My ride partner and I had split up and gone our separate ways before the shower and I did that part alone in case you are wondering about that.