Apr 25, 2011

Spring Ride

Spring Ride
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Today marks what I can honestly call my first "spring ride" of the season.

I took the day off to recover from my Easter travels, and made good use of that time with some much-needed clothes shopping and a short spin on the bike this afternoon.

The ride was short but glorious. I have enjoyed a lot of rides already this year, but this one was different. It was the first ride of 2011 where I wore shirt-sleeves, didn't wear gloves, didn't have long underwear on, didn't think about studded tires, didn't worry if the batteries were still good in my lights, and didn't watch for icy patches in the shade.

The total and complete mindlessness of this ride was exhilarating.

I rode my 3-speed to try and diagnose an annoying drive train problem before the next TC3-SAS ride this weekend. I think it's a cone problem, and the bike is in the basement now awaiting further attention, but the added benefit of riding this bike was that unlike my Rawland, i was sitting as upright as a preacher and could ding my bell at every other like-minded soul that was coming the other way.

They all smiled and waved back. too, including this guy, which was an added bonus.

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