Apr 30, 2011

No Show, No Go on the Grand Rounds

No Show
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Unfortunately the weather again failed to cooperate with our much-awaited 3-Speed tour of the Grand Rounds.

It seemed to be lightening up a little as I donned my rain gear and headed out the door, but literally as I was extricating my bike from the garage, I got a call from a friend telling me that "it's pretty wet out there".

I went anyway; in the unlikely event that anyone showed up, I didn't want to be a no-show. It was actually quite a lovely ride in the rain to the meeting place, minus the organized fun-run that turned Minnehaha Park into the cycling equivalent of the Gong Show.

While I waited under an eave sipping coffee and waiting to see if any intrepid TC3-SASer's would show up, the skies really opened and it was not possible to even see across the river. Sigh...

I finished my coffee, put my wet gloves back on and headed back home, shaking my fist at the bad fortune the weather Gods have been directing at me this Spring.

I am not going to reschedule this one. We'll watch the weather and put word out mid-week if it looks like the weather will allow for a lift-off.

I am too tired of writing about rides that don't pan out to keep this up much longer.

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