Apr 6, 2011

Could Spring Really be Here?

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I hauled the Old Clanky out of the garage last night after dinner for a short spin around Lake Nokomis with the Spouse. We both needed to check the box on our 30 days of biking commitment, and it was a nice evening, so we went for a ramble around the Lake.

Based on the number of people we saw riding, walking or jogging, Spring might finally be here.

During our ride, I ran across somebody I recognized by their bike, although I had never met them personally. I had traded email with this person regarding a certain frame that I am contemplating. They are not common, and this person has one and offered me the chance to see it in person before I make a purchase. I happened to glance at the downtube as we passed each other and hollered out his name, and low and behold, it was, in fact, my email contact.

The bike is lovely, and I might just "need" one. It was fun making a random connection on a little evening ride like this, too. I also saw two other people I know, and they tipped me that Sea Salt is open for business once more, so we'll have to add that to the list of possible destinations.

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