Apr 25, 2011

Bikeby Shootings

Miserably wet roads
Originally uploaded by lukefrancl
One of my favorite groups on Flickr was (and kind of still is) Bikebyshootings. Technically, for a photo to be a "bikeby shooting", it needs to be taken from a moving bicycle. I am a little disappointed to see that the site moderator seems to be letting people post simple pictures of stationary bikes in the group as well. While those are nice to look at, they are not bikeby shootings.

The photo with this post has not been added to that group, but it certainly should be. It captures the nasty good times of swooshing along in the wet better than any of the images I have attempted to capture so far.

Here's the link to the photo pool for bikebyshootings - add you best shots and bring the quality of this pool back up to the standards that we have come to expect from the internet.

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