Jun 4, 2011

Ride Your Way to Better Parking and Have Fun Doing It

Tomorrow (Sunday, June 5) a group of concerned cyclists will be meeting at noon at Midtown Freewheel and organizing for a fun and casual ride to the 48th and Chicago business node. Come early for lunch if like - they have very good soups and other things at Midtown these days as well as ample parking. I have not decided on a route to 48th and Chi yet - maybe we'll take the Parkway or perhaps we'll check out the 17th Ave. Bike Blvd (still only "planned", I think).

Once at 48th and Chicago, we'll engage the merchants in friendly dialogue asking for improvements in bike parking. I have talking points developed and will have enough copies for leave-behinds as well. I'll need a few volunteers to accomplish this, so hopefully I'll get some extroverted (or at least motivated) people.

With this little chore completed, we'll saddle up and meander on to 42nd Street and 28th Ave. to thank Angry Catfish, Baker's Wife, Buster's and the other local merchants for their ample and secure bike parking. I expect coffee will be sipped, beers will be raised and bakery appropriated during the after-party.

Hopefully, this will be a really good time, and just maybe it will get at least one more rack installed at 48th and Chicago. More discussion on Bike Love here.

If you can't make the start at noon, you can look for us 48th and Chicago from about 12:30 to 1:00 or so and then at Angry Catfish/Buster's/Baker's Wife by about 1:30 or so. Who knows how long some of us might be at Buster's?

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