Jun 28, 2011

Pulling Stakes

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So, I packed up my office today and was surprised to see that after a little more than 5 years in my current office, all of my personal effects fit easily into three paper boxes. The amount of recycled office paper was staggering, however.

There was art, too, so that added to the pile of stuff. A large Larry Welo print (Vanishing Point) that I have had for years now, a print of the Frescoes of St. Thomas, a Jim Brandenburg photo of a buffalo at sunset, and my little "Beat Congestion with Transit" Art Deco thing from Chicago. Still, it all fit easily into our Subaru.

I am currently in the hunt for some new sort of office set-up. I have got a number of projects on the go at the moment, and for the time being I can work from home, but I think there is something to be said for having a creative work space that's separate from home. My needs are simple - I need a place to write, a file cabinet, a window, preferably on an intersection. Second story would be nice, but I could do with a ground floor situation.

The thing is, this kind of office arrangement is not easy to find. There is a metric sh_t load of empty office space but it's all several thousand square feet. I need an office, or an office and and workspace adjacent to it.

My latest idea is to just buy a small, foreclosed house. That would give me a project and a workspace in one, and probably a garage for, oh... a sailboat perhaps? We could hold on to it and work there and then when/if the market turns around, I could probably flip it for a profit.

For the short term, I am fine at home, so that buys me some time to look at options and try on ideas, which is probably best in this situation.

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  1. Foreclosed house sounds like a great idea! Just don't let City Hall find out. I'll bet zoning codes wouldn't be too excited about that arrangement. But if you keep another house from sitting empty, at least the neighbors might be on board, right?