Jun 16, 2011

You Can't Always Get What You Want

It's been a frustrating day to be a consumer.

I have been fending off a case of bikelust for awhile now and finally put feelers out on the possibility of scoring a new Singular Peregrine. I figure now is the perfect time for a new bike since I'll be having a bit more time for cycle adventures.

Alas, I would require an extra small frame in the Singular geometry. The LBS has advised me that they can't get one of these until perhaps December. A call to Prairie Peddler (one of the few dearlers in the U.S. that carries bikes) was even less optimistic - the answer there was "December, maybe?".

I finally sent an email off to Sam at Singluar over in the UK this afternoon and was pleased to get a very prompt reply. "Fantastic!" I thought to myself as I opened the message. Here's what it said:
Thanks for your email. I'm afraid I am out of contact for the next while as I am on my honeymoon. I will be back on 23.6 and will respond to your mail as soon as possible thereafter.

Best regards,
Congratulations on the wedding and all that, but I wish you had knocked one more out and shipped it off to the Colonies before you took off, mate.

Not sure what I'll do now.

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