Aug 29, 2008


I got back from ANC about 6:00 PM and will turn right around to go to MKE for the holiday weekend and a Brewer's game (at the fancy new stadium). No news other than work and no spare time for the last 5 days, so nothing worth posting. Here's the scenery from seat 2D on the 9:45 flight from Anchorage to MSP for your viewing pleasure:

Now, everyone, turn off your computer and go watch the Tour of Ireland.

As we say in Minnesota, I am tossing in a photo of a massive glacier that I think is in the Wrangell - St. Elias mountains of Alaska "just for pretty".

Edit: It's a sad state of affairs when you actually refer to the cities you travel to by the airport abbreviation. ANC = Anchorage, MKE = Milwaukee, MSP = Minneapolis/St. Paul, PDX = Portland, Hartford = BDL, Houston = IAH, etc., etc.

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  1. HAHA, I worked for the airlines and always refer to things by their code :ORD,. MSP, JFK, ERW, LGA, MID, OAK, SFO. 10 years later and still haven't shaken it.