Aug 13, 2008

Summer Cross Check

Somehow my Cross Check got a little better looking recently when I was not paying attention. It might be the Conti Contacts (a little slimmer and white sidewalls as opposed to the nice wide black-wall Conti Top Touring tires that will come back out once the weather gets a litle worse) I also trimmed the fenders a bit, so that might have cleaned it up as well.

It's still pretty much the same old bike, but I shot some new photos at any rate because I did not have many good ones. The second photo is interesting because I shot it with the flash on to capture the reflective bits on the bike. The Contact sidewalls have space-age reflective stuff and the saddle bag is reflective as well. This one is a Banjo Brothers bag with a One on One logo embroidered into it. The Banjo Brothers stuff is always a good value and the One on One logo gives it some bike culture bling (ha!).

On another note, hits on this site have gone up in the last month. I can't imagine anyone actually taking the time to see what's out here, but thanks for stopping by at any rate. I get a lot of hits from people looking for the gear inch calculator, photos of the Pugsley or the Waterford 1200, people looking for the "stretching for cyclists" PDF I re-posted from MBL, and quite a few from people looking for a used Minoura truing stand (sorry - mine is sold to Nickel, who has been lucky enough to not need it just yet). I also got a lot of hits from a cross reference on Planetary Gears that had something to do with the startling resemblance of bike saddles to certain parts of the male anatomy. On a more troubling note, I get a low but steady number of people looking for their own amphibious assault vehicle as well.

That's what I've got tonight. Ride safe and be open to possibilities.


  1. So can you hook me up with the amphibious assault vehicle or what?

  2. I actually used the truing stand the other day and it worked perfectly!

  3. Pete - I sure as hell do:

    Move fast though - there is some guy from Germany and another from Australia that have checked this out, so it might be poised to sell. It's a bit steep, about $37,000 as I recall. Probably worth it, though!

  4. Nickel - Sorry you needed to true your wheels but glad it worked out. I think I saw you the other day in MPLS on a bright yellow road bike(?) I did not holler because I was in my redneck pickup truck.