Aug 6, 2008

How to Golf (Or Rather, Go Golfing)

I have only golfed once in my life. It was a company function about two years ago, and golfing was one of the team building events. We got paired with 3 other people we don't normally work with and had to golf 9 holes. I actually did much better than I was expecting. I had a "natural" swing and was able to hit the ball fairly straight. It was a "best ball" event and I got the best putt on one or two holes, so I helped the team and had a generally good time doing it, but I have never, ever golfed since then.

I had not thought about that since tonight, when coming home from work, I spied this:

Apologies for the lousy photo, but if you squint, you can see that it is a guy motoring down the Minnehaha bike path towing his golf clubs like a Burley trailer behind his ten-speed. Brilliant!!

This makes getting to the golf course more fun than being there, in my book.

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