Aug 14, 2008


It's so disillusioning when people close to you (coworkers, colleagues, etc.) fail to live up to your expectations, somehow let you down or make you feel taken for granted. It dredges up all kinds of lousy feelings - resentment, betrayal, anger... all emotions I don't spend much time sampling, thankfully. And all this is seasoned with a steady undertone of doubt that maybe your expectations are somehow unfair or your standards unrealistic.


  1. Don't feel let down, don't be emo.. Be strong and never doubt yourself... I also maintain high standards and yes, it means people often fail to live up to them.. But it also ensures I keep a certain standard of person in my life

  2. What a nice comment! Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your work on the essence of Emo. It's a topic that you could get lost in if you are not careful. I like you site, btw.