Aug 16, 2008

HC Saturday Ride

Molly was psyched to do the Hiawatha Cyclery Saturday ride this morning. She enjoyed last week's trail ride a lot and was game for another run at it today. Today's outing was a leisurely ride through So. MPLS to a secure, undisclosed breakfast location somewhere along the route. Our intrepid leader made us climb some pointless hills early on, but no one got left behind, so no real harm done.

Two of Molly's friends, Hellen and Jennifer, came along as well today (first timers to this group ride). They did great and I think they had a good time (Ladies, you knew that you would be blogfodder). Here is Molly and her posse setting a scorching pace as I dig deep just to hang on to the group:

After about an hour on the bikes, we took over half of "The Bad Waitress" at 25th and Nic for breakfast. The French Toast is great, the oatmeal is good, and the pancakes are about the size of a dinner plate.

A slightly faster ride back to HC via the Greenway and then on to the domicile and we were home by 11:00 or so and on our way for the rest of the day. Nice ride, good breakfast and nice people. What's not to like? As an added bonus, I got a handful of people to yell "YARRRR!" like any self-respecting bike pirate would on a beautiful Saturday morning.


  1. I don't even live in mpls (yet), but I have been to BW too many times :)

  2. It was a nice place. They need more bike parking, though. Tasty and fun. I like the forms to fill out and the instructions that come with them. I screwed up the "monster" card instructions and had to go back to my table to get the fixed. :-)

  3. Joe,
    Thanks for putting Jennifer and I into your Blog! *woot* That is utterly cool to be blogged about! I had a BLAST!!!!! I WILL be back for another ride :)