Aug 20, 2008

The Northwest Passage

I did the scenic Northwest Passage tonight on the way home because I was tired of the Park/Portland scene and the weather was very nice. The first real leg of this route (once you are out of the downtown mess) is on the Kennilworth trail. This is kind of post-apocalyptic at some points because it's sandwiched between I-394 and some sort of refuse heap that the MN DOT keeps screwing with, but after that, it's a really nice ride down to the Lakes. You then follow the lakes south to Minnehaha Parkway and then cut back east to home base. It's longer, but it's trails almost the whole way home, which is quite a change of pace from the high-traffic route I usually take. I will be very glad when the I-35W bridge work is complete and the West River Road trail opens open, then my longer, Northeast Passage route will be back in action.

We are doing the Tour of Minneapolis this year along some of this route. I was going to sign up for it last year but ended up going to Anchorage for the Alaska Oil and Gas Conference and missing the event entirely. This year the dates work better, so we are riding. We will likely ride over to the start and avoid the parking mess. Large rides like this kind of make my skin crawl, but if I don't have to drive there, I am generally up for it.

That's all. I've got to go chase the damn kids off my lawn...

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