Aug 23, 2008

Bike Repair Day

Bike Lover Whatsisname and I answered the call of another Bike Lover that works at an emergency children's shelter in South Minneapolis this afternoon.

We donated the better part of the afternoon to fixing up about 18 kids bikes in various states of disrepair. We fixed several flat tires, pumped up a ton of bike tires (it turns out all of the kids are very good pumpers, even the ones that need a little help) and wrestled with some stubborn coaster brakes here and there.

At the end of the day, we got about 15 bikes working. Three more need parts (we could use a rideable 20-inch rear wheel with a coaster brake hub, a brake cable and a 17 inch inner tube if anyone is feeling generous or cleaning out the garage).

Here are the results of our labor - lots of little bikes waiting for the kids to come back out and ride 'em. This was a good afternoon; the work was pretty easy, the kids very appreciative and helpful, and the company was good.

That's is it. Ride safe and pump up your tires if they need it!


  1. I've got two 20" bikes that are in mediocre shape. They would have the parts you need, or could possibly be refurbished. How would I get them to this group?

  2. Pete - that's great!! I bet we can get a few more bikes running with parts from these, or possible cull a few of their existing clunkers and upgrade these to rideable condition. I passed you information on to a person who can give you some guidance on this, so check your in-box.