Aug 2, 2008


Cheese and crackers!!

This showed up on Craig's List MSP today. It's quite a nice bike. The ad says:

"Like new Trek 2200 SL road bike, size 54 cm (21 1/4 inches). Used less than 10 times (under 100 miles). Super light aluminum frame and top quality original Shimano 105 components.

Paid $1,630 new. Asking $1,000 or best offer."

The poor guy should have saved his money and bought a hybrid or something. It looks like he did everything he could to get the bars high, but this is just not that kind of bike. He must have added an after market adjustable stem, because I would be very surprised if Trek puts those on their 105 equipped road bikes. For reference, here is a more typical road bike set-up:

I wonder if he got sold this by a bad bike shop or convinced himself that he was going to be a sleek bike racer and got the bike based on that, then after 10 tries decided to say screw it and ditch the bike. Too bad. I bet if he had the right bike and a proper set-up, he would really enjoy buzzing around on a bike.

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