Aug 19, 2008

Geese and Salmon

It's a little know fact that some flight attendants and gate agents commonly refer to airline passengers as "the geese". For instance, when it's time to board, the gate agent may call the flight crew and ask if they are ready for the geese. Certainly our fine Northwest Airlines personnel would never refer to Minnesotans as "geese", but I guess this happens on other airlines in other states. It makes sense to me. Airline passengers move in groups, they look around and make noise, and some of them do in fact waddle quite a bit as they walk.

Bikesnob coined a term similar to this that I love. He referred to biker riders that are not paying attention to what is in front of them as "salmon". Makes perfect sense; they are heading upstream oblivious to what's around them. Now that s/he has raised my consciousness, I see salmon all over the place.

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