May 14, 2009

Bike to Work Day

Morning came early for me today. It was the official, by God, Bike to Work day. Despite the fact that we've been celebrating Bike/Walk all week, this was the Big Day. I took advantage of an open invitation from some other Bike Lovers to hit a few stops offering free food and/or swag to celebrate the occasion.

Here's the run-down:
6:30AM: Freewheel Bike Co-op on the Greenway -

Freewheel was dishing out WAFFLES! Here's mine, which they handed me before the syrup came out, but I ate it and was grateful, unlike some kind of uppity lady that came in after we did...

7:00AM or so: Bedlam Theatre -

Bedlam had a very nice hot breakfast spread, complete with eggs, biscuits and gravy, coffee, etc. I tried to heckle some woman into coming in for free food, but she was a bike salmon, bound and determined to head upstream to work, and she could not to be distracted by anything.

7:30AM or so: Minneapolis Government Center -

Pretty big crowd when I pulled in about 7:30 or 7:40. The best swag was from Calhoun Cycle, which was giving out free water bottles with Park tire levers inside (sweet). I also got a really bad trail map, a Penn Cycle sticker (thanks) and a free copy of Momentum, which is free (thanks, again).

Although it was kinda cold and windy, I am glad I hauled myself out of bed for this. It was fun to meet some more Bike Lovers and do something different before work. Thanks MMason, Dorianhawkmoon and Vik Strong for letting me tag along on this boondoggle.


  1. Next year you've got to add The Reuse Center to your list. They had a full breakfast spread, including pancakes (with syrup).

  2. And cripes, I just realized you managed to get a picture of me at the Government Center. Left side of the pic, coffee in hand facing the camera in a blue vest and black helmet. And an I Biked sticker, natch.

  3. That's actually a little creepy. Too bad I did not recognize you or I would have said hello...