May 7, 2009

May 10 - 15 is Bike/Walk Week

Next week, The City will be celebrating Bike Walk Week. I think that's a pretty weak name - it used to be called "Bike to Work" day, but I guess we are reaching out to pedestrians now to leverage more funding, be inclusive or broaden the base or something.

It's kind of unfortunate that downtown Minneapolis is tied up in knots due to what seems like construction and lane closures on every block, but hopefully some people will be courageous enough to give it a shot despite the adverse conditions they could encounter.

Our office is publicizing Bike Walk week for the first time this year (yes, I had something to do with that) and the staff seems pretty stoked to give it a try. Several people mentioned to me that they have been meaning to try and ride to work for awhile this is the nudge they need to take the plunge.

I also enlisted in Metro Transit's Commuter Challenge today, effective May 1. We'll probably roll out the Commuter Challenge at the office next week as a way to sustain the Bike Walk week motivation through the rest of the summer. On that note, if anyone out there wants to challenge me, click the Commuter Challenge link above and search for Snak Shak and issue me a challenge. I return, Challenge every last one of you, as well (or at least I will if you are brave enough to shot me a comment or email and give me your challenge name/screen name).

That's it. The weather is getting nice, so turn off your computers and get on your bikes or something this weekend. And be careful out there!