May 18, 2009

Hang up and Ride

Twice last week I got caught behind a woman on a tricycle recumbent in the bike lanes on either Portland Ave. or Park Ave. Yes, her Catrike takes up most of the lane, but it's a cool bike, I support anyone commuting by bike over car, and I usually not a problem to go around.

But BOTH TIMES I caught her last week, she was toodling along on her 'bent while talking to someone on her cell phone. If you going to do that, at least get a velomobile or something...

I have been known to occasionally ride around with a bluetooth headset (bad form, I know), but if it ever rings I pull over, get out of traffic and safely complete my conversation (or maybe I stop so that my caller can't hear my labored breathing and subconscious mutterings and assume I'm some kind of deranged person).

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