May 12, 2009

Bike Walk Week Kick Off

May 11 - May 16 is officially Bike Walk Week. I registered our office in the event (first time we have ever participated, as a matter of fact) and have been lucky enough to have a few co-workers step up and lead this effort.

One of the things we are doing at my office is collecting photos of the commute/commuters. We'll post them on the intranet after the event is over. My Monday photo is of the carnage that this Marquette Ave. right now. I took this from my bike, waiting for the light to change.

Today's photo reflects the realities of bike commuting to a downtown office job. I do pretty well all-in-all. I have two pair of dress shoes that I leave at the office - black wingtips and  cordovan oxfords (Allen-Edmonds, very nice) as well as matching belts, a few collar stays, some Wet-Ones and some pit-stick. I take a dress shirt, some dress pants and such in a pannier or messenger bag, and I have generally done this enough to not screw things up. Until today...

For whatever reason, I malfunctioned while packing this morning and forgot socks, so I ended up sporting some crisp charcoal gray slacks, my black wingtips and some really ugly gray athletic socks. The good news is that this look has now caught on and executives at Target, Thrivent and Ameriprise were wearing the same thing by the end of the day. (That last sentence was not entirely true).

Despite the embarrassment of forgetting something, I survived just fine. I admit that I was a little self conscious in the morning, but frankly I forgot all about it by the afternoon. 

Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 13), I am meeting co-workers and anyone else in the world that wants to come, for an informal "Bike Bus" from May Day Cafe to downtown. May Day is located at 35th Ave. So. and Bloomington Ave. If you want to meet up, consider this your invitation. We'll probably roll out from May Day a little after 8:00, so time is of the essence. Be there or be left there...

The big event is downtown on Thursday at the Gov't Center. I may stop by, and if I do, I'll post a picture or two.

Happy Bike/Walk Week! Ride safe and give it a shot - it's not that bad despite the sock thing.


  1. Sounds similar to my plans, shoes and belts at work. But I added a pair of socks and a pair of underwear to my commuter drawer after having to go commando one day. :)

  2. Heh. I did has spares in Anchorage, but fell off the wagon here (no lockers). Despite that constraint, I am hopping on that band wagon as soon as tomorrow. Extra socks, extra undies, extra...

  3. P.S. - I think that's you in the Bike/Walk Commuter profile on the Bike/Walk site. Nice piece!