May 17, 2009


Molly and I went for a slow, meandering ride today. The weather was finally a little warm and it was wonderfully sunny as well. We headed west after breakfast and birded Lakewood Cemetery (American Redstart and Caspian terns were the best birds at Lakewood for us), then stopped for a light lunch at The Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun. That was nice - I had never been there; kind of like Sea Salt in Minnehaha Park (casual, open air seating, etc.) but right on the lake. Pretty reasonably priced, too.

From there we ventured north past Cedar Lake, through Theodore Wirth park and circumnavigated Wirth lake before heading back to the Greenway and over to Freewheel for a coffee before returning home. All told it was a leisurely 25 miles or so.

This was the maiden voyage for my brand-new Keen bike sandals. I had resisted these because they seem over-priced, but I got a 15% off coupon from REI on Thursday at the Bike/Walk event so I splurged a little on Friday and picked these up (mission accomplished, REI).

I am very pleased with these things. For as much walking and time off the bike as we had today, they were great to walk in. They do fit quite a bit narrower than my old Keen's, but I actually like that more than the regular Keen sandals, which my feet seem to roll around on quite a bit because they are so wide. They are easy to engage and disengage in the pedals, too. I expect these will quickly become my favorite cycling shoes, and once it's warm, I bet I'll use these a lot more than my Sidi MTB shoes.

Tomorrow starts another work week, but I've got some travel coming up so that will shorten the week some, and then it's into Memorial day weekend. Speaking of which, we saw that Lakewood Cemetery is having historic tours on Memorial Day. We may actually stop by if we are around because it's beautiful in Lakewood and whenever else would you get to tour a cemetery?

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