May 24, 2009

Political Dissatisfaction

I had a lot of windshield time to think today as I drove back from The Ancestral Homeland. So, for better or worse, my thoughts turned to politics. 

It makes no sense to me that the political parties in local government reflect the political parties in national elections. Every election, I get to choose from a sampling of DFL, Republican, and occasionally an Independent candidate; same as with national elections. But as far as I can tell, national issues such as economic and international policy, have very little to do with local issues such as neighborhood livability, crime and safety, complete streets and local economic development.

I have yet to hear either of the major parties take a stand on any of the issues that directly affect my day-to-day quality of life, which in my mind, would make much more of an impact on the people of Minneapolis than, say, national-level debates such as abortion rights or economic stimulus.

Jim Kunstler predicted that the major political parties (or at least the Republicans) are about to disappear, much like the Whigs did before the Civil War, because they are simply not taking on relevant issues. I hope so; neither party seems to be in touch with what is going on right now.

I'd like to see a New Urbanism Party take root in Minneapolis. The platform could be walkable and bikeable communities, quality local schools, mixed development, environmental sustainability, and preservation of place and community. I think this would sell like hotcakes, because no one else seems to be offering this tasty combination.

I'd vote for that candidate.


  1. I recently went to an Obama meeting and when I mentioned that we need to hold our politicians accountable for going against their constituents, I was laughed out of the room and told we do not want to make waves :(

    What we need to do is make large waves and demand answers from these parasites.

  2. Umm...

    That sounds like fascism, doesn't it? Funny how those in power don't want accountability regardless of their party affiliation.

  3. I probably don't have the patience for politics. It's so much easier to sit at my computer and just criticize things...