May 2, 2009

Hiawatha Ride

We went on the Hiawatha Cyclery group ride this morning. It was good to reconnect with some of the regulars, although I was not all that chatty this morning. We rode about 16.7 miles or sow with the group (with a pause mid-way for breakfast at Kramarczuk's in Northeast). The total ride was somewhere around 23.4 miles long factoring in the ride to Hiawatha and back.

The disappointment of the day was that apparently Kramaczuk's is no longer doing the big breakfast spread. They still have the always popular Polish breakfast (we split one) but not much else on the menu this morning. Best find of the day was a pedestrian/bike bridge on 5th Ave. NE that crosses I-35W. I've never noticed this before, so that's a handy thing to file away.

Beautiful weather for a ride, and it was good to get the blood moving a little bit as well. I continue to be very pleased with the Rawland, but I continue to tweak the fit a little bit here and there. It's almost dialed in now, finally. Hopefully some more riding tomorrow (maybe out to the Depot), but probably solo this time.

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