May 13, 2009

Pick-Up-Sticks 2009

Every year around Mother's Day, my in-laws organize a work weekend at my Mother-in-laws farm in rural south central Minnesota. We have participated in these events since probably about 1991 or so, although we have missed a few of these when we lived in Connecticut and Alaska. 

The specific chores vary depending on what needs doing the most; one year we rebuilt the walkways with salvage telephone pole cross ties, another year we demolished an old shed, etc.

This year, the big project was cleaning out a large storage building that had gathered a lot of junk and dust to make some room for my niece and her husband to pursue their dream of organic farming.

There are a bunch of photos of the event on the Flickr site, but the photo in this post is one of my favorites because I think my Father-in-law, who passed away in March, may have just snuck into the photo. He always loved the corny, posed photos, and he loved Pick-Up-Sticks as well. I know the Old Man would not have missed it, and it looks like maybe he didn't. Yes, it was dusty in there, but the location of the orb is just to perfect for this to be a coincidence.

I always come back from these efforts inspired to buy some more tools and "get handy". My brothers-in-law are incredibly capable and crafty. I always feel like a humble understudy at these things. I am pretty capable with the ceremonial bonfires, however...

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