May 24, 2009

Milwaukee Bicycle Company Visit

During my Memorial Day trip to The Ancestral Homeland, I managed to make a side trip to Ben's Bicycles, home of the Milwaukee Bicycle Company, in South Milwaukee.

Ben's is a nice shop - they have family bikes in the classy little building on the south side of Lincoln Ave. and fixed gear and higher-end road bikes in the store-front on the north side of the street.

This is a sampling of one of the built bikes on the floor. It's the Cream City custom track, and was sporting a custom paint job (asphalt camo) that the photo does not do justice to.

They had other Milwaukee frames on the wall as well.

The Milwaukee frames are manufactured by Waterford, and the finish is very nice. I suspect these will quickly become collectors items due to the manufacturer and the local appeal of an homage to the Cream City.


  1. Wow! You are from 'M'wauky' too. who knew? My Grandmother's place was not too far from Ben's Cycle.

  2. I have bought from Bens for years. I guess now that I am back in the midwest I'll have to take a trip. Let me know next time you are heading back home.