May 19, 2009

Malicious Compliance

At work we use the term "malicious compliance" to describe employee behavior when they will do what they are told... but just barely, and usually not in a meaningful or useful way, and usually with a chip on their shoulder. For instance, a malicious complier will do things like complete a marketing report but not put any information in it that's actually useful. They simply do it "because it's required" and they could care less if someone actually needs to use the information. The Malicious Compliance types do not last long at my office, thankfully.

Here's a good example of that kind of behavior in a marriage:

Mr. Ex-Bike Rider: "Oh, Snuggliewugglie - we should clean out the garage. Would you put those old bikes on Craig's List and maybe sell them this week?".

Mrs. Ex-Bike Rider: "You bet, Sugarpants! I'll do that today!".

Trek bicycles - $50 (Saint Paul)

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Date: 2009-05-19, 3:09PM CDT

Don't know that much about them. 
It's my husband's deal. 


  1. I get a ton of hits on this post.

    Tell me - WFT are you looking for?

  2. It's on the first page of google results for "malicious compliance".

  3. yeah second hit on google for malicious compliance. I was looking for the "missing" posters of the cat

  4. "I was looking for the "missing" posters of the cat".

    You lost me on that one, Anonymous.